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Tech Insight: The Myths & Realities of URLLC


It has been almost two years since the first commercial deployment of 5G and we have seen operators around the world embark on the deployment of the next-gen mobile wireless network. In these early days of 5G, use cases such as smart factories are touted as proving grounds for 5G’s disruptive potential, but we will need URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications). neXt Curve is joined by renowned telco industry analyst, Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis to discuss the state of URLLC. What is real and what is hype today? 

neXt Curve is joined by Dean Bubley, founder and director of Disruptive Analysis to explore the following topics:

  • What is the state of 5G today? Is it just another G? – Mr. Bubley is famous for proclaiming that 5G is just another G. One that that we can agree on is that it is an evolution of mobile wireless technology and part of a broader continuum of change affecting ICT as we have known it and know it today.
  • Why is URLLC an important aspect of the 5G promise? – We delve into the sources of excitement about one of the most hopeful of the 5G use cases, URLLC. What are the expectations that are being built around the impact the 5G promises of low latency and industrial strength reliability will have on industries of all varieties?
  • What are the prevailing myths and realities of URLLC? – We stress test some of the assumptions and expectations of URLLC? What is the real state of URLLC? What can we expect in the near term? What is simply just marketing silliness that needs to be disregarded before it does harm?
  • Where will URLLC matter and drive industry transformation? – We apply an optimistic lens of URLLC and discuss some of the valuable applications that will potentially help 5G deliver on its transformative promise. Dean shares his framework for thinking through the value hotspots that reside across the network and to the cloud.

reThink Podcast featuring Dean Bubley, Founder and Director of Disruptive Analysis

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