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Industry Insight: Placing 5G Bets in Innovation


What is 5G innovation? We hear about it all the time but 5G has yet to inspire innovation outside of the technology itself. After all, autonomous vehicles are nowhere near mainstream nor is robotic surgery. What are the practical areas that government and private enterprises prioritize and focus on first to bring the benefits of 5G to the public and consumers? 

neXt Curve is joined by Paul Wilson, founder and principal analyst of UK 5G to explore the following topics:

  • Where are we today with 5G? It’s here, but are we ready? – We discuss the state of today’s roll out of 5G networks around the globe and the level of maturity and readiness in delivering the promises of the next-generation mobile network.
  • What are the areas of 5G innovation that matter today? – Paul shares the many testbeds and innovation initiatives occurring across the United Kingdom to explore the benefits that 5G can bring to industries and public domain for smart cities and smart government.
  • How do we prioritize public and private investments in 5G? – Paul shares some of the key lessons that have been learned from the various public and private testbeds. What has worked and where do we have a bit more work to do? We discuss the general priorities that can accelerate 5G value.
  • What are the bright spots for 5G innovation in the near term?  – While the hype around 5G is fast waning as we learn more about the state of deployment and the maturity of commercialized technology, there are bright spots to be discussed. Paul shares some success stories that should illuminate our hopes for 5G benefit in the near future and beyond.

reThink Podcast featuring Paul Wilson, Co-Founder of UK 5G

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