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Research Agenda

Each year, the neXt Curve research team sets the agenda that will guide our research for the year. We arrive at eight themes that we develop through our continuous interactions with technology and business leaders and our analysis of emerging technologies and ICT market trends that are shaping the transformative edge of industry digitization and business reinvention.

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neXt Curve Research Agenda


Our Telecommunications research broadly examines the industry transformation occurring as 5G and edge cloud computing create novel opportunities on and about the operator’s network. In particular, our focus is on the evolving role of the operator as technology transforms the nature of communications. 

Trust & Security

Our Trust & Security research focuses on emerging technologies, frameworks, and architectures that are shaping the leading edge of cybersecurity, privacy protection, and trust models that will be critical in fortifying and sustaining the integrity of our data, digital systems, industries, and our lives.

Digital Media

Our Digital Media research delves into the industry trends and technologies that are driving the rapid digital reinvention of the media & entertainment industry. We also examine how rapidly evolving telecommunications continues to transform how content is produced, distributed, consumed, and interacted with. 

Consumer Electronics

Our Consumer Electronics research tracks the innovations and consumer trends that continue to fuel vibrant growth and frequent disappointments that make this expansive industry a rewarding but volatile one. Our focus is on how consumer electronics markets drive demand across the technology industry.

Silicon Futures

Our Silicon Futures research monitors the advancements in semiconductor technologies that are enabling the progression of Moore’s Law and beyond as we reach the physical limitations of scaling. We also examine the ongoing transformation of the industry and its implications on the competitive landscape.

Digital Transformation

Our Digital Transformation research investigates the trends and practices that businesses are implementing to advance their “digital” maturity and associated business capabilities. We look at how IT practices and digital technologies are applied to realize adaptable organizations able to compete and survive in the future.

Cloud & Edge

Our Cloud & Edge research analyzes the technology trends and market dynamics that are expanding the cloud from the hyperscale data centers to the very edge of the network and beyond. In particular, we examine the convergence of leading edge ICT technologies that are changing computing as we know it.

Internet of Things

Our Internet of Things research investigates the factors that have challenged the adoption of IoT technologies and resulted in broadly disappointing market growth and value. We examine the wide range of industrial & consumer use cases to determine why we continue to wallow in the trough of disillusionment.

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