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A Passion for Reinvention

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One of the core pillars of neXt Curve’s research and advisory capability is our diverse industry experience and our deep understanding of the influence and potential of maturing and emerging technologies in driving the digitization and reinvention of organizations and industries.

We don’t just talk or read about reinventing organizations and industries, we have a track record of doing it. We have been in the trenches with our clients working through the nuances of redefining a process, a business model, an organization, an ecosystem. We have designed applications. We have built and tested code. We have architected platforms. We have reengineered processes. We have moved the needle of change in the industry. At neXt Curve change is not just a study or a market survey or detached observation. It is an outcome of making that change happen.

Experience Beyond Knowledge

Each of our research fellows and contributors brings deep expertise in the latest and emerging technologies together with experience applying these technologies to help Fortune 500 companies realize real business outcomes. Many of our research and consulting fellows have led and managed global business transformation programs enabled by the latest technologies of the era past, present, and the future. We don’t just talk technology and transformation. We have the experience to back it up.

As a networks of experienced practitioners and thought leaders, we channel our research and consulting experience and assets into advising enterprises on the reinvention of their businesses. We then feed our end user insights back into our research to help technology vendors understand the vertical specific requirements and opportunities for their products and services so that they can place better, more informed bets on the future of their business.

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