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Industry Insight: The Intersection of Space & Tech


The space industry is undergoing a great shift with some winners, some losers and significant change in the landscape. While billionaire-funded entrants like SpaceX, Blue Origin, Amazon, Virgin Galactic are shaking things up with the incumbent space industry leaders, there are many other advances being made by smaller angel and venture-funded space startups with promising potential.

neXt Curve is joined by Lisa Dreher, Chief Marketing Officer of GuideForce, to explore the following topics:

  • What are the key industry shifts that are happening in space and tech? – We discuss the new technologies that are changing the space industry and creating new opportunities in the last frontier.
  • What are the new markets that are forming and developing in the space industry? – The space industry is one that is seeking to reinvent itself and looking for new markets in an era of IoT and 5G. We discuss what the space industry is doing and not doing to reposition itself in a rapidly shifting ICT landscape that will incorporate satellite communications in one form or another.
  • What are the common challenges that startups face in the new space industry? – There have been many failed ventures in the space industry. What are the common lessons learned and the barriers to entry and success that face new entrants into the bold frontier of space?
  • What does it take to be well positioned in today’s space industry? – Does it take billions to tackle the scale and the risks of venturing into the business of space? What is it that space industry startups and incumbents can learn from the Elon Musks and the Jeff Bezos of the world in placing bold but viable bets?

reThink Podcast featuring Lisa Dreher of GuideForce

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