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Tech Insight: 5G Edge Computing


Arguably, edge computing is nothing new. Depending on your domain, you are familiar with the idea of edge computing. You might say you have been doing it forever. But what makes edge computing different in the era of 5G? What is the industry getting excited about? What are the novel aspects of edge computing that will make 5G transformative.

neXt Curve is joined by Chris Pearson, president of 5G Americas to explore the following topics:

  • Edge computing in the 5G era, what does it mean? – There is increasing talk about how 5G needs edge computing, but why? We discuss why edge computing is critical in enabling the network and distribute computing capabilities need to deliver new media and industrial applications that were not possible before.
  • Getting MEC, Edge Cloud and Telco Cloud straight – We discuss the difference between MEC (multi-access edge computing), edge cloud and the “cloudification” of the telco infrastructure, operations and business model that will define the future of telecommunications industry. What are the differences between these three concepts and how are they related to each other?
  • Levers of 5G edge computing-driven business innovation – We are well aware of the technology innovations that 5G is founded on, but what do these technologies innovations mean for businesses? We discuss the drivers of business innovation at the 5G edge.
  • 5G edge computing priorities of the telco industry – 5G edge computing will not be ubiquitous and it may never be. The economics just might not make sense in the near term. How is the telco industry prioritizing the 5G edge computing investments as they look to enable new end market opportunities?

reThink Podcast featuring Chris Pearson, 5G Americas

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