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Tech Insight: Trust Platforms & Solutions


We are in a race against fake and the ever expanding cyber attack surface that is the Internet of pretty much everything. With the advent of DeepFakes and other artificial challenges to reality and truth, the fundamental fabric that binds our societies, our economies and our business and personal relationships is fast fraying be becoming undone. Trust will become a valuable commodity as we seek to de-risk ourselves from contrived data, dubious transactions, and questionable parties. The emergence of trust platforms are inevitable and essential for restoring and sustaining the fabrics of trust that underpin our lives and make our civilization viable.

neXt Curve is joined by Jason Shepherd, Vice President of Ecosystem of ZEDEDA to explore the following topics:

  • Trust at risk – We discuss the prominent and emerging threat vectors that attack our foundations of trust including DeepFakes as well as the principles of system design and security that foster privacy protection as well as trust across networks, compute domains and data.
  • What is a trust platform? – We discuss the evolution of today’s cybersecurity, device security and information security technologies into trust platforms that are able to provide roots of trust for data, services, transactions, devices and people.
  • The trust fabric – the emerging foundation of trust platforms – Jason shares his thoughts on trust fabrics and their importance in enabling critical trust functions across the cyber physical environments that will populate our digital future. We also talk about Project Alvarium, a proposed Linux Foundation project that may bring about trust platforms we need in our war against fake.
  • Trust applications that will preserve truth and fact – We discuss the domains of trust under greatest threat today and the applications that can help us preserve trust in data, people and things.

reThink Podcast featuring Jason Shepherd of ZEDEDA

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