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Tech Insight: Release 16 – 5G’s Next Step in Its Evolution


Though delayed a 3-month delay due to the novel coronavirus, Release 16 of the 3GPP 5G specifications are frozen and complete. It has been much touted as the first fully or real 5G release as it introduces functions such as standalone 5G-NR that wean it off of 4G radio and core technologies.

neXt Curve is joined by Prakash Sangam, founder and principal analyst of Tantra Analyst to explore the following topics:

  • What is a releases and what is the 3GPP specification process? – The 3GPP specification process is complex and generally misunderstood even in the industry. Prakash shares his insights as a 3GPP member on what the process looks like and how the standards for mobile wireless technologies evolve.
  • How does Release 16 fit in the evolution of 5G? – 5G is an evolution, not a sudden revelation in the advancement of mobile wireless technology. Leonard and Prakash discuss what Release 16 means in the context of the broader maturation of 5G over the next decade.
  • What does Release 16 mean for the ICT industry? – Release 16 is considered a “special” release that will bring about a comprehensive specification for 5G. What does that mean for the ICT industry and the progression of 5G implementation and end market value?
  • What can we expect beyond Release 16? – There will be several more release of what will be dubbed 5G specifications over the course of the next 8 to 10 years. What can we expect next after Release 16? 6G?

reThink Podcast featuring Prakash Sangam, Founder of Tantra Analyst

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