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Tech Insight: Heterogenous Computing


The semiconductor industry is the foundation of our digital world. Everything runs on semiconductor products and continues to advance with each new process node. As we reach the physical limits of Moore’s Law, what comes next? Heterogenous computing and heterogenous packaging are opening up new possibilities for progressing Moore’s Law through advancements in the way that we design, integrate semiconductor devices and systems.

neXt Curve is joined by Jim Walker, founder and principal analyst of WLP Concepts to explore the following topics:

  • What are heterogeneous computing and heterogeneous packaging/integration? – We discuss what the excitement is about heterogenous computing and the relationship it has with an equally important heterogenous packaging and integration. What do these semiconductor technology trends mean and what are their implications on the semiconductor and electronics industries?
  • What are the key design trends and technologies that are driving heterogenous computing? – We delve into the trends that are making heterogenous computing the buzzword that it is becoming today in the industry as well as the new technologies that are enabling new design methods and architectures that are shaping the way electronic devices are engineered today and will be in the future.
  • What are the implications of the heterogeneous computing and packaging trends on the semiconductor industry? – We discuss how heterogeneous computing and heterogenous packaging are changing the economics of the semiconductor supply chain and impacting design decisions across device categories.

reThink Podcast featuring Jim Walker of WLP Concepts

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