Managing & Scaling Edge Infrastructure

In order for edge infrastructure to scale operationally and economically novel mechanisms and tools for managing services that are deployed across a fleet of edge cloud nodes. This is where the SMO or Service Management and Orchestration concept comes into play. Emerging frameworks from semiconductor, software, and increasingly OEMs are beginning to assume the important role of stitching together constellation of edge clouds.

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The Difference Between The Edge and Edge Computing

You might be wondering why I picked this topic? Well, I’m often inspired with topics based on my interactions and conversations with a lot of people across a lot of industries and tech domains. One of the things I get a very good feel for is how different communities use techo terms. 

You have probably heard a lot of folks talk about the edge as if it is some kind of technology. You see it all the time in articles. I’ve been in meetings where that lack of clarity of what is meant by edge leaves a group wondering if it even exists or even matters.

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Navigating Cloud-Managed Solutions

You might have noticed that as many traditional hardware and infrastructure vendors have or are in the process of transitioning toward a more services-oriented business, they often use the term “cloud managed” to describe their offering. It is a term that we hear more often especially since the advent of hybrid cloud computing and software-defined infrastructure.

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Why Edge Infrastructure is Important

It is now commonplace to hear folks say that edge computing does not exist or the edge doesn’t matter. It is meaningless and we shouldn’t talk about it. To be fair, for most audiences, edge computing and the idea of the “edge” does not matter. It is complicated, confusing stuff that most folks just won’t grasp, much like cloud. Much like AI. Most folks don’t care as long as the application works.

But much like cloud, AI, and other hyped and perennially misunderstood and confused techno trends, edge computing matters. It’s not that we shouldn’t talk about any of these things. We should talk about them in a more consistent and informed manner.

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C-Suite Insight: Privacy at the Edge

The increasingly instrumented and sensor-laden edge is making it difficult for people to find alone time and evade prying digital eyes. The challenge only promises to get bigger as consumer and industrial IoT continue to shed unwelcome light on our personal lives and our personal data. The issue of privacy is becoming a prominent topics of ethics and legality. What can you do as a member of the C-suite to steer your business with a privacy first compass?

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