neXt Curve Insights – June 2023

This is the June 2023 edition of the neXt Curve Tech Insights newsletter. This edition covers WWDC 2023, Sensors Converge, HPE Discover, Samsung Networks Analyst Day, Cisco Live, Honeywell HBT HUG, hybrid AI, GenAI, 5G modernization, RedCap, Galaxy Book3 and S23 Ultra, and more. Subscribe for tech and industry insights that matter.

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Why Edge Infrastructure is Important

It is now commonplace to hear folks say that edge computing does not exist or the edge doesn’t matter. It is meaningless and we shouldn’t talk about it. To be fair, for most audiences, edge computing and the idea of the “edge” does not matter. It is complicated, confusing stuff that most folks just won’t grasp, much like cloud. Much like AI. Most folks don’t care as long as the application works.

But much like cloud, AI, and other hyped and perennially misunderstood and confused techno trends, edge computing matters. It’s not that we shouldn’t talk about any of these things. We should talk about them in a more consistent and informed manner.

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CES 2019: Key Takeaways

neXt Curve attended the largest consumer electronics trade show on the planet with over 180,000 in attendance to identify the deeper technology and market trends that are driving the rapid evolution of our digital lives and are expressed in the new digitally-enabled consumer applications from smart home, 3D sound to emotionally-aware robots.

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