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Transforming The Healthcare Industry with Blockchain

reThink Webcast: Transforming The Healthcare Industry with Blockchain

The healthcare industry has been one of the great frontiers for Blockchain with numerous startups aiming to put medical records in distributed ledger platforms and addressing the provenance and tracking challenges in the pharmaceutical supply chain.  Anca Petre, a prominent blockchain expert and healthcare industry consultant, shares her perspectives on the current state and future of Blockchain-induced disruption in the healthcare and pharma industries.

Contextually-Aware Mobile Security as a Service

reThink Webcast: Contextually-Aware Mobile Security as a Service

neXCurve principal, Akshay Sharma, provides an overview of the new business and value opportunities that operators have in providing managed security services enabled by A.I., Blockchain and other emerging technologies in addressing GDPR compliance and secure brokering of identity with privacy enforced.

Industrial IoT: Shaping The Future of IoT – Part 3

reThink Webcast: Industrial IoT: Shaping The Future of IoT

neXt Curve and Rob Tiffany, CTO of Hitachi Lumada discuss the challenges that business and technology leaders face in a digital future shaped by a fast-evolving Internet of Things.  Rob provides his key takeaways for business and technology leaders to consider in their approach to the Internet of Things.

Digital Reinvention – Part 2

reThink Webcast: Digital Reinvention

In part two of this three-part series, a panel of IBM and neXt Curve subject matter experts discusses what is different about Digital Reinvention and the challenges that are associated with it.  Panelists also share their thoughts on what is waiting for us beyond Digital Reinvention and what it will mean for businesses in a world of IoT, AI, 5G and mesh computing.

Tokenization: Fueling the Blockchain Business Model

reThink Webcast: Tokenization: Fueling the Blockchain Business Model

Replay of our webcast featuring guest, Omar Rahim, CEO of Energi Mine.  Leonard Lee, managing director and Lawerence Lerner (CEO of Pithia),  of neXt Curve moderate a discussion on the importance of the token and how it functions as the foundation of a Blockchain-enabled platform and business model.


Digital Reinvention – Part 1

reThink Webcast: Digital Reinvention

In part one of this three part-series, a panel of IBM and neXt Curve subject matter experts and researchers discuss the next evolution of digital – Digital Reinvention.  The panel also shares industry examples and case studies in this engaging first installment of the reThink webinar series on Digital Reinvention.

The Hybrid Cloud Bill of Rights

reThink Webcast: The Hybrid Cloud Bill of Rights

Replay of our webcast featuring Ken Balazs, CEO of Cloud Spectator, Eric Marks, VP of Cloud Consulting of Cloud Spectator, and Leonard Lee, managing director of neXt Curve discussing how CIOs can approach hybrid cloud to meet the challenges that their organizations face today in a fast-evolving world of cloud computing.


The Alpha Organization

reThink Webcast: The Way of The Intercepting Business – Introducing The Alpha Organization

Replay of our webcast featuring Jodi Starkman and Leonard Lee of neXt Curve discussing the organization of the digital future; the Alpha Organization.

The Future of Cloud

reThink Webcast: The Future of Cloud & The Cloud Continuum featuring IBM

Replay of our  webcast featuring a special guest panel of cloud experts, Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz, Christophe Begue, and Martin Kienzle from IBM joining neXt Curve in a discussion of the future of cloud and the opportunities it presents to electronics companies for reinvention.  We discuss the IBM Institute of Business Values research paper, “Navigating the Cloud Continuum.”

Retail 2.0: The Future of Retail

reThink Webcast: Retail 2.0 – The Future of Retail

Replay of our February 16th webcast featuring Akshay Sharma, neXt Curve principal, sharing his perspectives and insights into the future of retail and the opportunities that carriers and tech vendors have in enabling Retail 2.0.