The reThink Media Channel showcases videos and presentation media related to our research and reThink webinar program.  We feature free and subscription-only media content that provides deeper insights into our research topics for our executive clients and subscriptions members.

Digital Reinvention

reThink Webcast: Digital Reinvention

Replay of our webcast featuring guest panelist Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz, Scott Burnett, and Reza Firouzbakht from IBM’s Institute of Business Value and IBM Services.  Leonard Lee, managing director of neXt Curve moderates this two-part session with neXt Curve Principals, Akshay Sharma, Dean Freeman and Jodi Starkman discussing Digital Reinvention™ and the journey enterprises will take to renovate their businesses to compete, survive and win in our digital future.

The Hybrid Cloud Bill of Rights

reThink Webcast: The Hybrid Cloud Bill of Rights

Replay of our webcast featuring Ken Balazs, CEO of Cloud Spectator, Eric Marks, VP of Cloud Consulting of Cloud Spectator, and Leonard Lee, managing director of neXt Curve discussing how CIOs can approach hybrid cloud to meet the challenges that their organizations face today in a fast-evolving world of cloud computing.

The Alpha Organization

reThink Webcast: The Way of The Intercepting Business – Introducing The Alpha Organization

Replay of our webcast featuring Jodi Starkman and Leonard Lee of neXt Curve discussing the organization of the digital future; the Alpha Organization.

Meltdown & Spectre

reThink Webcast: What Do Meltdown & Spectre Mean for IoT Past, Present & Future

Replay of our 3-part webcast featuring Leonard Lee, Dean Freeman and Akshay Sharma of neXt Curve discussing the threat that Meltdown and Spectre poses to our digital present and future.

The Future of Cloud

reThink Webcast: The Future of Cloud & The Cloud Continuum featuring IBM

Replay of our  webcast featuring a special guest panel of cloud experts, Cristene Gonzalez-Wertz, Christophe Begue, and Martin Kienzle from IBM joining neXt Curve in a discussion of the future of cloud and the opportunities it presents to electronics companies for reinvention.  We discuss the IBM Institute of Business Values research paper, “Navigating the Cloud Continuum.”


The Future of the Car

reThink Webcast: The Future of The Car

Replay of our  webcast featuring Leonard Lee and Akshay Sharma of neXt Curve discussing the future of the car and the emergence of the autonomous and shared vehicle.

Retail 2.0: The Future of Retail

reThink Webcast: Retail 2.0 – The Future of Retail

Replay of our February 16th webcast featuring Akshay Sharma, neXt Curve principal, sharing his perspectives and insights into the future of retail and the opportunities that carriers and tech vendors have in enabling Retail 2.0.

Bitcoin & Blockchain

reThink Webcast: Bitcoin & Blockchain

Replay of our  webcast featuring Lawrence I. Lerner and Leonard Lee of neXt Curve discussing the realities of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.