Today, we announce the launch and availability of the “Getting Back to Business with EDGE” report. This strategic market study, trends report, and survey includes feedback, executive insights, and hard-hitting market intelligence on edge computing. The study included a survey with 5,012 business workers and 2,736 IT leaders and buyers. Key topics include edge computing use cases and applications, priorities and investment areas, pandemic impact, and plans this year. This hard-hitting market intelligence report will support your strategic sales and marketing planning, provide informative trends and insights, and help you better understand the business perspective of edge computing applications. Visit to learn more and get access to the study. The survey was fielded and conducted by Compass Intelligence and contributing research firms included Compass Intelligence, Mind Commerce, and neXt Curve. Along with our contributing research firm sponsors, we want to thank our primary sponsor of this research, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

In addition to the research news, we also announce nominations are now open for the 10th annual 2022 CompassIntel Mobile, IoT, and Emerging Tech Awards, honoring companies and vendors demonstrating innovation, leadership, disruption, and excellence in the tech industry. There are roughly 40 award categories including those in augmented reality, IoT vehicle telematics, industrial sensors, smart lighting, artificial intelligence, and B2B mobile applications, among others. Nominations will close on March 29 at 9PM CT. Voting will take place in early April, with a formal announcement being made via Press Release and marketing campaign on April 12, 2022.There are no fees for submissions and companies can nominate in more than one category. These awards are voted on by participating editors, journalists, and analysts in the tech industry. You can learn more about the nomination categories or submit nominations at–honors.html. For additional questions, please feel free to reach out to

Compass Intelligence is a boutique market research and advisory firm providing market intelligence and consulting services to companies around the globe. Our services include strategy acceleration, consulting and ideation services, market segmentation, market research/intelligence, survey services, and competitive analysis in the telecom, mobility, IoT, and IT industries. We specialize in helping our clients leverage metrics-driven intelligence & insights to make salient strategy decisions to enter into new markets, grow existing business, enhance partnership and alliance programs, and remain relevant to the changing needs of businesses and consumers. Learn more at

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