IoT Evolution Expo 2018

“IoT Evolution Expo is the longest running Internet of Things Conference focused on enterprise applications and booming vertical market solutions. neXCurve’s Prinicipal Analyst Akshay Sharma will be on-stage at the “Analyze This” talk on Smart Cities, Industrial IoT solutions, Connected Cars, 5G, Low Power Connectivity Solutions, Security and Healthcare.”

Event Objective:

neXCurve is particularly honored to have been invited by TMCNet.  At this conference, we will be attending conference sessions to better understand IoT with digital and cybersecurity vision and strategy.  We will also identify key industrial and economic development priorities as well as technology focus areas like Blockchain and its impact in the supply chain and get a better feel for the level of innovation and digital advancement in the area.  Check out the full agenda here.

Target Topics:

  • Smart Cities
  • Connected Car
  • Artificial Intelligence/IoT Convergence (Use Cases/Platforms)
  • Mobile Devices
  • Drones & Robotics
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Blockchain and IoT

Planned Insight Materials:

We are planning on producing the following insight content based on our key findings and interactions at the IoT Evolution Expo Conference 2018:

  • Event Summary Report – Outlines high-level trends and findings from the event on the agenda topics that we will investigate at the conference.
  • Event Review Webinar – 1-hour online event review session that will go over the key takeaways, highlights and favorite technology picks by neXt Curve analysts and principals.
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