E3 2019

“The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an annual event in the US that is one of the premier trade events for the video game industry organized by the Entertainment Software (ESA) organization.  The event brings together gamers, game developers, publishers, and technology vendors from around the world and showcases the latest titles and technologies in the gaming world.”

Event Objective:

neXCurve will be attending E3 in Los Angeles, CA this year with the goal of surfacing emerging trends and technologies that we believe will shape the markets for gaming, digital media and industrial application of gaming technologies in 2019 and beyond.  In particular, we will be looking for digital trends that have the potential to create new possibilities for gaming, media and industrial applications.

Target Topics:

  • Emerging Gaming Formats
  • Virtual Reality & Immersive Gaming
  • Augmented & Mixed Reality Gaming
  • Haptics & Sensors
  • Social Gaming
  • Immersive Content
  • Massive Online Gaming
  • Game Production Technologies
  • Motion Capture
  • 3D Scanning & Rendering
  • Gaming Engine Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Graphics Processors
  • Server-Side Gaming Platforms & Architectures
  • Gaming OTT Business Models

Planned Insight Materials:

We are planning on producing the following insight content based on our key findings and interactions at E3 2019:

  • Event Summary Report – Outlines high-level trends and findings from the event on the agenda topics that we will investigate at the conference.
  • Event Review Webinar – Online event review session that will go over the key takeaways, highlights and favorite technology picks by neXt Curve analysts and principals.
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