Nokia Global Analyst Forum 2021

There were many highlights in the recently concluded Nokia Global Analyst Forum. Nokia shared its vision and strategy (Reset—Accelerate—Scale), and showcased its product leadership, R&D commitments, and focus on customer experience. Nokia also showed how its strategic plans map to market trends, and how the company contributes to environmental sustainability through technology leadership and innovation. The ability to meet communications service providers (CSPs)’ needs for simplification (reducing complexity) and monetization of assets is key. Value will increasingly be created from partner ecosystems.

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Mobile World Congress LA 2021

Mobile World Congress Los Angeles 2021 was the first in-person industry event for neXt Curve in 20 months. It felt good to be out of the house. Expectations for the massive turnouts of yesteryear were duly subdued given that the global COVID-19 pandemic is still in effect. Nevertheless, the smaller scale was a welcome introduction back to what we can hope is a return to normal. For the operators in the Americas, it looks like the pandemic has meant back to a pre-pandemic mindset. Back to connectivity.

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Industry Insight: The State of Smart Transportation

Smart transportation is closely tied with smart city initiatives. What happens when vehicle travels from a smart city to one that might not be so smart? Will autonomous vehicles bridge the intelligent transportation divide, or will autonomous vehicles rely on a smart infrastructure to support functions critical to improving public safety, traffic efficiency, and sustainability?  

neXt Curve is joined by Bill Pugh, co-founder and managing partner of Smart Connections Consulting LLC to explore the following topics:

  • Why does transportation need to be smarter? – Bill and Leonard discuss the motivations and the objectives that the auto industries and municipalities have for smart transportation. What is the carrot that is getting parties excited, or is the carrot not big enough to bring about the digital transformation we have all been expecting in some form?
  • What are the challenges facing smart transportation? – Smart transportation has taken a patently vehicle-centric focus as of late with excitement about self-driving cars that will function as robotaxi’s that will chauffeur us around. But progress for smart transportation solutions that could benefit the broader driving community have been nothing short of stagnant with only a few pilot project of any notice. What are the persistent challenges that get in the way of the smart future of transportation?
  • What kind of mindset change is need to make progress? – Do we have the right attitude about smart transportation? Could it be that we don’t think broadly enough about the benefits of modernizing our transportation system and how we will make that modernization happen?
  • What can the tech and “IoT” industry do to deliver the promise? – Bill and Leonard brainstorm what the tech community and industry can do to make IoT a thing for transportation. We discuss the approaches that can be considered to get investments and commitments to stick given short-term political and administrative agendas of our cities, counties, states, an dour nation.

reThink Podcast featuring Bill Pugh, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Smart Connections Consulting

Our reThink Media Center features the YouTube video podcast of this episode.

Understanding Software Business Models

Which one is the right one for you? Lately all of us have been trained to say that we have or will, if we are “traditional” software company, be a “Software as a Service” company with a “SaaS” business model. Sure, that has become the de facto and comfortable response. But what is a business model? Most of us assume that we know, but have you asked yourself that question lately if you are a software company or a software startup?

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Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate 2021: Key Takeaways

Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerate 2021

On September 28th, Qualcomm hosted its Smart Cities Accelerate event at their corporate headquarters in San Diego, California. On an unusually cloudy day, hundreds of attendees congregated outside for registration and a pre-event breakfast. The conference promised to be packed with exciting updates on Qualcomm’s progress with its IoT (Internet of Things) business and smart city ambitions. The IoT has become growing part of Qualcomm’s business which grew 83% year over year to a sizable $1.4 billion in Q3 of 2021.  

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IAA Mobility 2021: Key Takeaways

event featured the heavyweights in the semiconductor industry on the main stage of IAA Mobility, most notably, Cristano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm and Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel. Both business leaders presented back-to-back keynotes that offered common and divergent perspectives on the role of silicon and connectivity in the future of the car. Collectively, Cristano and Pat outlined an ambitious future for the car founded on the projection of digital technologies of the data center and smartphone on the automobile.

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