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How Will 5G Revolutionize Virtual Reality?


As featured in Acceleration Economy Network

The question of how 5G will bring about the Metaverse has come up quite frequently lately as the hype engine continues to churn ahead. Some companies today claim that 5G will revolutionize the Metaverse and allege that it is a crucial ingredient for unleashing the expansive promises of Web 3.0 and the virtual worlds that will be built on top of it. 

The most obvious intersection between 5G and Metaverse occurs with virtual reality (VR). It’s obvious how VR relates to the Metaverse. VR headsets, such as Meta’s Oculus portfolio of HMD (Head Mounted Displays), are widely regarded as the primary interface to the impending self-governing virtual universe that will challenge our very existence.

Are we on the cusp of realizing the Metaverse with 5G? What is the reality poised to dispel the hype? 

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