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Can CXO’s Bank on the Promise of Blockchains?


As featured in Acceleration Economy Network

Today’s CXO is often faced with making decisions before all the aspects of an emerging technology are known. Take for example Blockchain technologies, something that there is a lot of talk about, as well as perceived need, yet still shrouded in mystery. Add to that the intricacies of edge computing and CXOs start to tread in uncertain territories. The potential intersection of edge computing and blockchain deserves a much closer look before CXOs pull the trigger.

Blockchain, which is one in a broad category of distributed ledger technologies (DLT) continues to be the buzz in the tech universe. However, blockchain has its place and is fit for certain purposes. This is the best, basic principle of system design and technology selection that you should use when you consider blockchain as a data store technology.

One of the most highly proclaimed benefits is that you can trust it. I don’t agree with this notion. Trust is by design and instilled in a system through governance in its use and administration. That requires buy-in by participants of the transactional system in the system, not just the integrity of transactions and data.

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