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Understanding and Executing on the Autonomous Enterprise


As featured in Acceleration Economy Network

In this installment of the Cutting Edge, I’m going to suggest a big picture hypothesis for why edge computing will matter for businesses in the future while attempting to avoid hyperbolizing the possibilities that often are the outcome of such exercises. Hopefully, I can get your creative juices flowing with some inspirational perspectives on edge computing and how it can help you rethink process automation and operations optimization.

In business circles, it is common to hear strategy consultants, analysts, and academics pontificate that companies need to become a “digital business” to compete and survive in this age of “digital”.

Beyond the “digital business” phase, Gartner suggested an aspirational state which they called “autonomous”. I would argue that we are at the cusp of the era of autonomous today, but not exactly as Gartner saw it back in 2013. I have dubbed the phase beyond digital business the “autonomous enterprise” which is coming about due to the post-Nexus of Forces technology megatrend forming at the intersect of AI, cloud computing, and 5G/6G, and other advanced wireless communications technologies of today and the future. I call this new Nexus of Forces the “5G Autonomous Edge”.

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