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How the Edge Cloud is Shaping the Future of Computing


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We have talked about how the edge has and is continuing to become more “cloudified”. Every day, we see multiple press releases from a slew of startups as well as the leading cloud service providers that lend proof to the notion that cloud technologies and service delivery models are making their way across the edge. In this article, I will touch on how the edge cloud is shaping the future of computing.

The implications of ubiquitous computing are profound, especially on the prevailing cloud computing trend. It will fundamentally change the way we need to think about computing and compute infrastructure. Inevitably we will change our thinking due to what is a pendulum swing toward the middle ground between centralized computing exemplified by our conventional notion of cloud computing and localized on-device computing (endpoint computing). Yes, this middle ground is edge computing. It is deep and vast. I think of it as an edge cloud continuum of many degrees and many forms.

Source: neXt Curve, Leonard Lee

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