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What is Edge Computing?


As featured in Acceleration Economy Network

We have a problem with edge computing today. Everyone is speaking different languages—saying a lot, but talking past each other. Back when I used to manage global development teams building distributed applications for Fortune 500 enterprises, I used to start a project with a team glossary. Why? Because when you can get 100 smart developers and architects in a room you quickly discover that almost everyone has differing techno lingo, especially if they are a Java gal trying to communicate with a PL/SQL guy.

Where is the edge? That’s a multi-billion dollar question. Simply put, the edge is anywhere other than the central cloud or enterprise data centers. For the geeks out there, the edge, for edge computing’s sake, is the vast home for all the various flavors of distributed computing that are not cloud computing as we have known it for the past decade or so.

Source: neXt Curve, Leonard Lee

The ideas of edge compute and computing placement are very important to understand as we progress our thinking about what is happening at the “edge” or across the edge. It is a marrying of several worlds. The edge is vast, shallow, and deep. Keep following neXt Curve’s research for clarity.

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