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Tech Insight: Making Enterprise 5G a Thing


5G is supposedly about enabling new industrial applications that will benefit from the industrial grade connectivity that 5G promises to bring. Yet, enterprise uptake of 5G is in the very early stages with recent support for private networks using licensed and unlicensed spectrum. Where are we with 5G for the enterprise? Is it ready for prime time? 

neXt Curve’s Leonard Lee and AvidThink founder, Roy Chua, discuss if 5G technology is ready to make its mark on the enterprise and drive Industry 4.0. This podcast will address the following:

  • What is the state of 5G for enterprise and private networks? – There is tremendous hope invested in the enterprise as a frontier opportunity for 5G especially for operators who are expecting to expand their monetization opportunities as they continue their massive investments into modernizing their networks to the next generation mobile wireless technology. What is the state of 5G for the enterprise? Are expectations on target or off the mark?
  • What are the reasons enterprises should consider 5G today? – Given the state of 5G today what can enterprise CIOs expect against the lofty expectations that have been set for the technology for URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications) and mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications) for IoT? Leonard and Roy share their observations and recommendations for how CIOs need to look at the 5G opportunity for their organizations. 
  • What enterprise applications will differentiate 5G? – Leonard and Roy compare notes on what they see as the enterprise and industrial applications that will make 5G shine and differentiate it from alternative connectivity protocols, technologies, and modalities. 
  • What gaps need to be filled to make enterprise 5G a thing? – As we look forward to the ongoing evolution of 5G, what are the new features and promises in the pipeline that will address the gaps that currently prevent 5G from having a broader value proposition for enterprises? Leonard and Roy share their thoughts.

Our reThink Media Center features the YouTube video podcast of this episode.

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