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Industry Insight: Privacy & The Metaverse


The metaverse is all the rage in the media today. There isn’t a single “tech company” that is not touting their hand in this thing that is just simply known as the next big thing. The metaverse hype is being pumped with little consideration for the preservation or protection of our identity, persona, or our psyche. As individuals, as communities, as societies we need to understand the implications and the risks. Do we?

neXt Curve is joined by Debbie Reynolds, founder and CEO of Debbie Reynolds Consulting LLC to explore the following topics:

  • What is the metaverse and the metaverse economy? – Debbie and Leonard have a protracted discussion and debate on the nature, scope and definition of the metaverse. Is it really that new or is it something that has been around for a while? What is new that prompts some to claim that it is the next big thing?
  • What does the risk to privacy look like in a metaverse? – Debbie shares her perspective on the key privacy issues and threats that face consumers as they enter into and engage in the metaverse.
  • What are some of the privacy regulations to consider? – Debbie and Leonard discuss the need for regulatory imperatives to preempt detrimental behaviors by corporations and participants who participate in and host metaverse environments and communities.
  • How do you protect yourself in the metaverse? – Debbie shares her thoughts on the measures that consumers should take to protect their personal data and persona as they engage with metaverse applications that are fast-evolving and capturing data about us that we might not be aware of or have conceived of.

reThink Podcast featuring Debbie Reynolds, Founder and CEO of Debbie Reynolds Consulting LLC

Our reThink Media Center features the YouTube video podcast of this episode.

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