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The Business Potential of Edge Computing


As featured in Acceleration Economy Network

What is edge computing? The term has become the buzzword du jour. Many industry pundits claim that edge computing is the next big thing. Others claim that we have been doing computing at the edge for decades. To make matters even more confusing, some folks say that the edge is everything outside of the data center. What does it all mean?

Edge computing comes with a broad and deep range of complexities that are generally misunderstood by some or insufficiently appreciated by others. It is not a domain that is well served by abstractions. The details and complexities matter. You will have to address and navigate them in order to discover and realize value for your business whether you are a service provider or an enterprise end-user.

Source: neXt Curve, Leonard Lee

I will be using this taxonomy and blueprint as a reference in our ongoing discussions. Together, we can refine it for those who venture to the cutting edge of our digital future.

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