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Industry Insight: A Crisis in Trust & Privacy


For the foreseeable future, we will be challenged with the daunting task of updating our regulatory policies and measures to effectively keep individuals safe as digital technologies continuously create new avenues for dubious actors to impact our personal lives as well as our national security. In this episode, we discuss the myriad of issues that are contributing to a global crisis in trust & privacy that threaten to upend our societies, our economies and our individual rights.

neXt Curve is joined by Debbie Reynolds, founder and CEO of Debbie Reynolds Consulting LLC to explore the following topics:

  • The Solar Wind hack – How could it have happened? – While the industry and governments were focused on the perceived security threats posed by hardware sourced from an untrustworthy supply chain, one of the largest security breaches in history occurred through a compromised software supply chain. We share perspectives on what went wrong and the important mindset shifts we need to make as we look forward to an increasingly untrustworthy and insecure digital future.
  • Clubhouse – Scaling on top of your contact list – It’s the new social platform on the block that is generating a lot of buzz. As this new voice-oriented social network scales, we are reminded of how so many social media platforms have scaled; through our contact lists. We examine this practice and the question of personal data in a contact list? Is it ours to share?
  • Apple’s privacy first versus Facebook’s advertiser first – A war of words has emerged as Facebook responds to Apple’s privacy first features that are poised to go live with iOS 14.5. Debbie provides a concise and definitive assessment of who will win this fight.
  • Antitrust and privacy – Why are we dazed and confused? – The “Big Tech” companies continue to be hounded by regulators and governments around the world for a wide range of privacy and antitrust related concerns. We discuss the persistent confusions and conflations that plague the discourse that is “Big Tech”.

reThink Podcast featuring Debbie Reynolds, Founder and CEO of Debbie Reynolds Consulting LLC

Our reThink Media Center features the YouTube video podcast of this episode.

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