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Tech Insight: The Open RAN Movement


Excitement about the open RAN movement continues to rise as operators such as Rakuten proves out OpenRAN and O-RAN principles in their greenfield 5G network which went live last year. How are major network equipment manufacturers adjusting to the new technology landscape? What are the benefits and costs to operators and vendors in adopting open and interoperable technologies? 

neXt Curve is joined by Chris Pearson, founder and CEO of 5G Americas to explore the following topics:

  • What is the open RAN movement & why is it important? – We discuss the industry and technology initiatives that are driving the open RAN movement as well as the context that has accelerated global interest in more openness and interoperability in the radio access networks of tomorrow.
  • The benefits of open and interoperable networks – We discuss the benefits of the open and interoperable networks. What are the key value propositions to operators as they consider adopting open RAN technologies and architectural disciplines for their networks.
  • The challenges in realizing open and interoperable – We discuss the challenges that need to be overcome in order for open RAN technologies and approaches to deliver on the promises of open standards and COTS hardware.
  • The open RAN future of 5G in the Americas – Chris shares his thoughts on the role of the open RAN movement in shaping the evolutionary path of 5G in the Americas, in particular, the United States.

reThink Podcast featuring Chris Pearson of 5G Americas

Our reThink Media Center features the YouTube video podcast of this episode.

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