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Tech Insight: Converged IT/CT Service Placement


With the advent of Release 16 of 3GPP’s 5G technical specification and the introduction of SA (Standalone) 5G NR, operators can now explore the benefits of E2E network slicing. It will be critical in enabling dynamic placement of network functions across mobile network edge. But 5G is also about MEC which will converge the pipe with compute. 

neXt Curve is joined by Roy Chua, founder and principal analyst of AvidThink, to explore the following topics:

  • What is the big deal about end-to-end network slicing for mobile networks? – While we hear a great deal about network slicing as being one of the critical capabilities of a 5G network, why is it important? We discuss the technical nuances and the business implications for operators.
  • Network function placement: the critical element of mobile edge computing – While network function placement is critical for delivering the promise of new, granular models for mobile wireless services, it is also vital to making edge computing in a 5G future more than a simple extension of cloud computing to the fringes of the telco network.
  • Key capabilities for network function and compute placement – We discuss the key capabilities that operators and a new generation of digital service providers need to deliver mobile edge cloud services to meet the promises of 5G such as URLLC (Ultra-Reliable, Low-Latency Communications).
  • Thoughts on valuable applications of dynamic network function placement – We exchange thoughts on the business applications that will benefit from the granular, secure and composable network and compute services that 5G will endeavor to deliver over the next decade and beyond.

reThink Podcast featuring Roy Chua, Founder of AvidThink

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