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Industry Insight: Data Privacy


Some argue that the freemium business models that are largely based on ad-driven revenue streams have had a democratizing effect by allowing seemingly free access to content and services to be enjoyed broadly and globally. For the most part new digital media, software as a service (SaaS) and communications companies that have emerged from the Dotcom era have gone largely unchecked. What is the hope for privacy to be realized or restored in our digital now and future.

neXt Curve is joined by Debbie Reynolds, founder and principal analyst of Debbie Reynolds Consulting to explore the following topics:

  • What is privacy and how is it under threat today? – What is the difference between security, privacy and trust? Surprisingly far too many people don’t know the difference. We clarify these terms and concepts to set the record straight and baseline an important conversation on privacy and the constantly morphing threat it is subject to in our digital now.
  • Freemium – Implications of free in exchange for your privacy – Many consumer enjoy free apps, free content, but is all of it really free? What is the pricing that our privacy is paying on our selves, our society, our politics and our security? What are the unintended consequences of freemium models that allow for citizen content producers to monetize at massive flood of content and services of dubious quality and nature?
  • GDPR – Protecting consumer and citizen privacy – We discuss how far we have come with the protection of privacy for our digital present and future? Do we have the basis for protection of our privacy under law? You might be surprised what the answer is.
  • Privacy First – Restoring and protecting our selves. How? – If we assume that it is the fiduciary duty and purpose of corporations to serve society, what are their obligations to protect the privacy of the citizen and the consumer? How do they shift their mindset toward one that puts privacy first in their products, their services, their business models and their cultures?

reThink Podcast featuring Debbie Reynolds, Debbie Reynolds Consulting

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